Elephants' Graveyard

Dead Media Slide Show, 2014

160 slides, 2 carrousel projectors, video projector, sound sensors, amplifier, speaker

Two dying media, namely the classic photo slide and the monitor tube are at the core of that sound and light installation.

Elephants Graveyard

After flat screen came into fashion one could find more and more monitor tubes on the streets of Berlin. Thrown away by the owners and trashed by kids they were laying on pavements all over the city. Of these the artist took hundreds of pictures over the last 5 years and put them together for one last show of mourning for the TV tube.

Elephants Graveyard

At the same time the slide as such is another dying media. In filming the slide projectors and amplifying their sound the installation pays homage to that old technology. It creates a collage of sound and video that overlays the slide show and gives the impression of the last flickering of a breaking TV tube.

Elephants Graveyard

The installation was shown at the Art Hack Day at the Transmediale, Berlin 2014

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