Patagonian Pattern

An audio-visual mashup of Patagonian structures, 2021

The work „Patagonian Pattern“ by Wolfgang Spahn is an audio-visual exploration of the mathematical theory of chaos. At its core stands Benoit Mandelbrot's ideas of self-similarity of fractal structures in nature. Sounds of analog synthesizer and analog neural networks complements the visual aspect of self-similarity of Patagonia's nature on both huge and macro/microscopic scales.

Electric signal, for both audio and video, were generated by analog circuits based on Strange Attractors, Fibonacci Rows, chaotic oscillations and feedback loops. Further more the work displays macroscopic and microscopic patterns, textures and structures of lichen, moss, and algae overlaid by aerial videos shot from planes and with a kite. Texture of lichen and moss were picked up with laser beams. These modulated waves were transformed into sound and additional used as color information in video signals.
The bird aerial footage were filmed during the Magellan 2020’s residency by the artist, with a self developed Kite Airal Video System. The use of drones were forbidden because Puerto Williams, is in a military zone.

Video Stills

Real - Existing -Token

The Real - Existing - Token (RET) of “Patagonian Pattern” consists some patagonian lichen and moses witch were used for the video's sound and footage as well as a modified Raspberry Pi video player. All embedded in epoxy and therefor each RET is unique.

The work was realized with support of the Goethe Institute Chile and the University of Magallanes Punta Arenas, as well as with the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds, Sonderförderprogramm 20/21 - NEUSTART KULTUR.

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual & sound artist based in Berlin. His work includes installations, performances of light & sound and miniature-slide-paintings. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focuses on both their contradiction and their correlation.
He is faculty member of the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Berlin University of the Arts.

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Here is most of the hard- and software the artist developed for his artwork.
- Analog Computer
- Pop Neuron
- Paper-Duino
- Paper Synthesizer
- Paper Bits
- Raspberry Pi Hats
- VGA Synthesizer
- Sound Boards



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