ENTROPIE is a noise and projection performance based on simultaneously generated analog signals.

Both, sound and projection are based on different analogue and digital machines developed by the artist. Each system generates simultaneously structured noise as well as abstract light pattern.

The invention of moving pictures went along with an artificial separation of sound and visuals. ENTROPIE merge them again. It makes the data stream of a digital projector hearable and gives an audio-visual presentation of the electromagnetic-fields of coils and motors.

By hacking VGA Signals, amplifying their sound and implementing both aspects in his performance he visualises the importance of the machine as an integral part of the art – an artistic reference to Vilem Flussser's concept of the 'apparatus'.

Kontrollierte Entropie - Ulf Schleth

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual & sound artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations, performances of light & sound and miniature-slide-paintings. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focuses on both their contradiction and their correlation.




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