Liquid State Machine

by Martin Howse and Wolfgang Spahn, 2011-12

Liquid State Machine is an experimental Space-Noise-Continuum based on the connection (and disconnection) of Martin Howses noise generating systems and the analog/digital projection-machines of Wolfgang Spahn. It starts from influencing each others systems and end in an ultimate feedback between light and sound.

Borrowing terms from the cognitive and computer sciences, Liquid State Machine usually describes a soup of connected nodes, a situation with inputs, nonlinear functions and outputs which computes something or assists in its computation.

In this instance, the performance space becomes the computational soup bucket, an experimental Space-Noise-Continuum based on the connections between the plentiful nodes of both the kinetic-electromagnetic-noise apparatus of Martin Howse and the analogue/digital projection-machines of Wolfgang Spahn.

The performance begins with the subtle influence across these two distinct systems, arriving at an ultimate feedback between light (waves) and sound. LSM presents a play with transformations between distinct physical system domains.

Liquid State Machine live attransmediale 12 HKW, Berlin, 2012

Liquid State Machine live at the Lichtnächte Festival in the Dom of Eichstätt, 2011

Liquid State Machine- (old web-side DE)

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual & sound artist based in Berlin. His work includes installations, performances of light & sound and miniature-slide-paintings. His art explores the field of analogue and digital media and focuses on both their contradiction and their correlation.
He is faculty member of the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Berlin University of the Arts.

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Here is most of the hard- and software the artist developed for his artwork.
- Analog Computer
- Pop Neuron
- Paper-Duino
- Paper Synthesizer
- Paper Bits
- Raspberry Pi Hats
- VGA Synthesizer
- Sound Boards



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